What is Running Well®

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Running Well®, not hard & without pain
Running Well®, with fluidity throughout the whole body
Running Well®, for ease & efficiency!

Running Well® trains the mechanics of alignment coordinated with hips, trunk,and shoulders important for efficient running.

Running Well® involves the whole body. It is the sum of all parts working together synergistically and not in isolation of each other. When aligned, muscles are in position to do their job with efficient timing and sequence throughout their full range of motion as designed. When even one segment is out of alignment, another segment will shift (out of alignment) resulting in compromised efficiency, muscle strain and bone/joint derangement.

Learn to run efficiently and you will improve your strength, coordination, and flexibility of all of your body’s joints and muscles in their intended range. Easier said than done!

That’s where Running Well® comes in with drills to train the components of running soyou can build on strength, speed variation, and power conditioning in your training to reach your optimal level of performance. Isn’t that what it is really all about. Meeting your goals and crossing the finish line with the desire to run again!

We have all read and heard the many tips and key components of running: 1. useyour powerful deep hip flexors and minimize the work load on the quadricep, hamstring and lower leg muscles; 2. use counter-rotation and have strong core muscles active in your running, arms/elbows at 90 degrees; 2. run fluid, run relaxed, don’t overstride, don’t bounce, short lever arms (lower leg and arms); 3. be more upright, don’t bend back or forward; 4. follow a program, trust your training, train well, etc.

Running Well®will provide you with the “know-how” to really gain and understand in your body what those key components mean and how important they are for your running.


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